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Barbara's Best

We are taking a break from our series about Vienna to highlight some of Barbara’s favorite restaurants in India in honor of our two year anniversary of traveling there. Check out our other post about India, India: From the Raj to the Taj, to get a closer look at what our travelers experienced two years ago.

As for these restaurants, be sure to add them to your list if you ever travel to India!



Located in Mumbai’s business district, Khyber specializes in traditional Indian cuisine with an upscale twist. The wooden and brick decor reflects the area’s turn as the heart of Mumbai during the 18th- century, where Fort George (build by the British East India Company) served as a hub for British and Indian visitors alike.

Khyber is also known for being visited by local and international celebrities, such as Sir Paul McCartney, Goldie Hawn, Richard Gere, and the Kuwait Royal Family.

Barbara notes that while the food was delicious, it was difficult to order since no one spoke English, so it would be helpful to visit with a translator or some kind of guide.

Lodi – The Garden Restaurant


Known for its lush location near the Lodhi Gardens, Lodi is known as New Delhi’s best alfresco restaurant. Lodi is a popular spot for Sunday brunch and high tea in the evening. With its natural setting, Lodi emphasizes laid-back, unhurried meals for a relaxing experience with family or friends.

According to Barbara, diners should be prepared to allow a few hours to dine at Lodi, and should be aware that Lodi serves its food in traditional Indian fashion- without utensils.

Laxmi Vilas Palace

Dine in the heart of a beautiful palace, complete with royal decor and amazing architecture. Stop in for lunch and enjoy the buffet, or make a reservation for a more formal dinner experience.

Laxmi Vilas Palace

1135 AD

Specializing in North Indian cuisine, this restaurant located in the Amer Palace in Jaipur was one of our travelers’ favorite restaurants during the entire trip! Decorated in royal styles from India’s past, the palatial decor only helps set the atmosphere for the traditional meal. Chefs take anectodes from the old royal chefs that used to inhabit the fort during the Kacchawaha dynasty, delivering Indian dishes fit for royalty.

For those looking for a fine dining experience, 1135 AD is sure to hit the spot.

The Great Kebab Factory

With locations all over India, it’s easy to make a stop at this exciting restaurant. With over 450 kebab recipes, diners are sure to find something delicious. The Great Kebab Factory specializes in ethnic yet contemporary cuisine, blending flavors from across India and from around the world. There’s a different menu each day, always with vegetarian options.

Barbara visited the Varanasi location, and noted that both the food and service were excellent.

Nadesar Palace

Nadesar Palace

At the Taj Nadesar Palace hotel in Varanasi, travelers will experience an effortless blend of gourmet dishes from around the world as well as favorite Indian dishes. The restaurant is decorated ornately to remind visitors of the luxurious era of the Raj. The cuisine also connects with the royal past of the Palace, and the local culture of Varanasi.

Barbara had nothing but good things to say about her dinner here, saying that both the food and service were perfect.


Be sure to check back in for our continuing series about Vienna next week!

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