Barbara’s Best: Vienna (Part 1)

Barbara's Best

With an excellent central-European location, Austria’s capital city, Vienna, has boasted the title of the “city with the highest quality of life” for the past 8 years!  This week Barbara shares her recommendations for Vienna, and keep your eyes peeled for this city in our 2019 trip schedule! Posts on Vienna will be coming to you in parts, starting this week with where to stay.


Hotel Sacher Vienna

Hotel Sacher Vienna Sept 2006 002
Hotel Sacher

Hotel Sacher is more than just a place to stay, it is a piece of history.  A privately held hotel that feels like a Belle Epoque townhouse, Sacher has been in business since 1876 emphasizing old world style, luxury, and service.  With a perfect location near the Vienna State Opera House and classical music scene, Hotel Sacher is sure to give visitors an insight to the heart of Viennese culture. Having just 149 rooms, this hotel books quickly, so be sure to make reservations well in advance.

Much of Hotel Sacher’s unique history revolves around Anna Sacher, wife of the original owner Eduard Sacher. A butcher’s daughter, Anna quickly turned the Sacher into “Vienna’s most sought-after hotel and a favorite meeting place of celebrities and high society.” Upon Eduard’s death, Anna took over as “the master of the house” at 23 and became famous for her vibrant personality, cigars, and French bulldogs. See Anna’s legendary tablecloth in person, signed by over 400 famous hotel visitors- including President John F. Kennedy, Indira Gandhi, and Queen Elizabeth II- from the early 1900’s until now.

Home of the famous Sacher-Torte (more below), the Sacher is a definite stop for any chocolate lover. Chocolate shampoos, creams, and other products can be found in the bathrooms and spa, and miniature Sacher-Tortes are always left on one’s bedside table.

Stay here to experience cozy, elegant, Viennese style with exceptional service reminiscent of Old World class, where the staff knows you by name.


Restaurant Rote Bar

Experience classic Viennese fare and elegance at Restaurant Rote Bar. Enjoy unparalleled service and stunning ambiance and make sure to order the Wiener Schnitzel Vom Milchkalbsrucken served with potatoes. You won’t want to miss the live piano music in the evenings.

Restaurant Anna Sacher
A refined, stylish dining room, Restaurant Anna Sacher provides guests with classic Viennese cuisine, as well as a menu full of contemporary innovations.

The linens are thick, the signature silverware heavy, a posh that is never pompous, under manager Christian Fox and Chef Werner Pichlmaier. – John Mariani, HuffPost

Blaue Bar

Experience the dazzling sensation of being inside a blue jewelry box. With rich, velvet furnishings, opulent architectural details, and crystals chandeliers, Blaue Bar is the perfect place to enjoy a specialty cocktail or Sacher’s brand of house champagne.

Café Sacher Wien

Perhaps the most quintessential Austrian café at Hotel Sacher, Café Sacher Wien is the perfect spot to sample the famous Sacher-Torte. Be a Wiener (Germans pronounce it Veener) for a day and order the café’s signature melange (coffee with whipped cream on top) to compliment the torte, and relax while reading the newspaper.

Barbara’s insider tip: hotel guests, who are called by name, are offered the first available tables in the café with no wait, since the line to get in often stretches down the block.

If you don’t get a chance to visit, you still can have a taste of Vienna  by ordering one of the famous tortes through Hotel Sacher’s online shop.

“It’s that of the Sacher Torte, Vienna’s most celebrated confection, a chocolate cake with two layers of apricot jam and a dark chocolate topping….It speaks volumes for the high standard of Austrian patisserie.” – John Malathronas, CNNTravel, “Austria’s best cakes

Café Sacher

Sacher ECK Vienna

The newest addition to Hotel Sacher’s culinary tour de force is Sacher ECK Vienna. Spread over two floors, Sacher ECK Vienna allows guests more space to enjoy their favorite Viennese treats and views of the Vienna State Opera House.


Christmas Holidays

The Christmas market in front of City Hall is unforgettable, especially when the glittering lights and trees decked in Austrian style put visitors into the Christmas spirit. Hotel Sacher displays a gingerbread house replica of the hotel, which is sure to charm visitors, as well.

“There are few holiday destinations more charming than Austria. Christmas markets, classical concerts and — with any luck — a blanket of snow; it just doesn’t get much more festive.” – Marnie Hunter, CNNTravel10 hotels that go all-out for Christmas

Want to know more about this historic European capital? Come back next Friday for Vienna Part 2!

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