Carnegie Museums Traveled to a Top 5 Island!

The Carnegie Travel Program has always enjoyed trips to Mackinac Island, Michigan, as well as staying at the elegant Grand Hotel. This month, Travel + Leisure named Mackinac Island as one of the top five islands in the continental United States!

On our last visit, on the 2015 trip “Somewhere in Time: Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island,” award-winning decorator Carleton Varney was able to join us! On this special trip, travelers stayed in the beautiful and uniquely decorated rooms designed by Mr. Varney, and were treated to behind-the-scenes tours with Bob Tagatz, the hotel’s resident historian. Travelers enjoyed all of the events of the Arts Weekend, and all of the charm of Michigan’s island gem.

Islanders still talk about actors Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour filming the movie “Somewhere in Time” at the island’s bluff-top Grand Hotel in 1979. – Forbes “Mackinac Island Not Fantasy Island…Celebrities Find Anonymity In Northern Michigan

Somewhere in Time: Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island - 2015
Carnegie Museum travelers at Grand Hotel with Dorothy Draper President Carleton Varney on the 2015 trip “Somewhere in Time: Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island”

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Read more about Mackinac as a celebrity haven in Forbes here.

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