Interview with the director of The Andy Warhol Museum

When you take a trip with Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, our hope is to provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you just can’t find anywhere else. This spring, Patrick Moore, the director of The Andy Warhol Museum, will accompany our travelers in Spain, providing his insight and expertise on museum visits, private collections, and the opening party of Warhol. The Mechanical Art at Museo Picasso Málaga.

In preparation for this trip, Patrick Moore shares his thoughts with you on The Warhol, Spain, and travel.

Patrick Moore, Director, The Andy Warhol Museum
Patrick Moore, Director, The Andy Warhol Museum. Photo by Abby Warhola.
  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to be associated with Carnegie Museums…   Although I “grew up” in the New York art world after graduating from Carnegie Mellon, I actually came from a pretty non-traditional background for a museum director.  I moved back to Pittsburgh from Los Angeles where I was an online video producer for Yahoo!.  My last project for Yahoo! was Wolfgang Puck’s cooking show for their Food vertical.  I believe that most modern museum directors need to have a range of skills – from loving and understanding art to embracing and being innovative in business and media.  To that end, I’ve curated and written but I’ve also been involved in film preservation and fundraising.
  2. What are you looking forward to most about this upcoming Carnegie Museums trip? Why?   I’m so proud that The Warhol can share its collection with the world and I know from experience the pride that comes with seeing a beautiful exhibition that originates from the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh opening in a museum on the other side of the globe.  In this case, our trip will begin with an opening of a large Warhol exhibition at the Picasso Museum in Málaga, Spain.  The exhibition was primarily drawn from our collection and the staff of the Picasso Museum are wonderful people.  I know they will welcome our travelers and it will be a very meaningful start.
  3. Do you have any past experience with this travel location?   I’ve been to Spain many times and am married to a Spaniard.  My husband Joaquin has, in fact, helped plan this trip and the trip will end with a dinner at our house in northern Spain in the city of Santander, where Joaquin was born.  We live in the countryside just across the bay from Santander, which has a beautiful new museum, called the Centro Botín, designed by Renzo Piano.
  4. What do you think will surprise people about Spain who have never been there?   Although Spain is a small country, each part of it is distinct.  Most people know the south and have images of a rather hot, almost tropical location.  But northern Spain, which we will also explore on this trip, is very different.  It is mountainous and green and misty.  I find it quite mystical.cityscape-and-landscape-in-malaga-spain
  5. Where is the last place you traveled and why?   Joaquin and I were in Santander for Christmas vacation in our house with his family.  It was so peaceful.  We also had a wonderful day at the Guggenheim in Bilbao.  Another location planned for our trip with the Carnegie Museums!
  6. What is your favorite place to travel to around the world?   Although Spain will always be number one for me, I also love Italy and especially Rome.  I have been enough times that I know it pretty well but I am always discovering something new.  And the food is amazing!
  7. If there were one famous person dead or alive that you could travel with, who would it be and why?
    People probably think I would say Andy Warhol but I’m not sure Andy was such a traveler.  I think instead I would pick Virginia Woolf.  She is my favorite writer so I would be interested to experience other cultures with her.
  8. Do you have a dream travel location that you haven’t been to yet?
    Definitely India.  But I want to go with someone from India because I think it would be too overwhelming otherwise.
  9. Do you speak any other languages besides English?   I speak Spanish badly.  Those who travel with us to Spain will experience it firsthand.  Fortunately, Joaquin will be with us.
  10. What type of music do you listen to while traveling?   I usually listen to either classical music or really trashy 80s pop music.  There is no in-between in my musical tastes.
  11. What is a must-bring item for you when traveling?   A really nice jacket.  I find that men all over the world wear jeans these days but if you have a nice jacket you can go anywhere.
  12. Any books that you would recommend reading before taking this trip?   A good biography of Picasso probably that covers his time in Málaga.  There’s no shortage so take your pick.
  13. Any general travel tips for our readers?   It’s all about Global Entry.  I highly recommend making the investment to avoid those terrible customs lines.


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