Barbara’s Best: Venice (Part 2)

Barbara's Best

This week Barbara continues to shares her recommendations for a city she knows inside and out—Venice. Posts on this city will be coming to you in parts and focusing on off the beaten trail activities, restaurants, and ideas.

We hope you read part one on when to visit Venice. Now, we come to you with part two on where to stay in Venice.


Rent an Apartment

Canal View of Venice

We mentioned in our part one post that Venice can be an expensive destination. One way to cut costs and get a true Venetian experience is to stay in an apartment. There are many companies online that rent apartments, such as Airbnb and Truly Venice Apartments Exclusive Rentals.

There are also many other local companies and people that rent apartments and one that we recommend is Oliva Nera Apartments. There are many apartments to rent on their website and Barbara is a great friend of Isabella, the restaurant owner. Ohh—did we forget to mention? Oliva Nera is also a restaurant that is a must eat. We will give you more information on this restaurant in our next post.

Baglioni Hotel Luna

Baglioni Hotel Luna

Maybe the apartment experience isn’t for you and you’d rather have all the amenities of a hotel. Then, we recommend staying at Baglioni Hotel Luna in San Marco. The Baglioni is located in the heart of the ancient republic, across the street from Plasa de Espen Veitsle and just a quick walk from St. Mark’s Square. The Baglioni is also located near many restaurants and bars, a few of which we will be recommending in our next post.


Now that you have an idea on where to stay, you are getting one step closer to a fabulous Venice vacation. Stay tuned next week to find out where to eat in Venice.

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